Sewelson's Carpets

Sewelson's specializes in Custom rugs and carpets. We can create patterns to suit the requirements of any project. Our hand tufted carpets are made with New Zealand Wool the finest in the world. Our yarns are dyed with the finest dyes from Switzerland and Germany. You can intrduce accents of Pure Silk. You may use one of our existing patterns as a starting point. You can also bring us photographs of historic pieces, and we can adapt them to the size you require, as well as co-ordinate them with the color scheme of your fabrics, wall coverings, and furniture. Any size, any color, any shape,any pattern. If you can imagine it we can probably make it for you.

We have made custom carpets for small city apartments, large homes, many of the wold's finest Hotels, even Yachts, and Cruise Ships. We have mnay clients who have worked with us for decades. We are well known for the quality of our carpets, the faithful execution of our designs, the reliability of our deliveries, and prices that represent excellent value for quality.

If you have a commercial or hospitality project that requires carpet for a large area, consider one of our Custom Axminster carpets. Using the latest electronic jacquard looms, we can create superb custom designs in this construction. We bring the same attention to detail, and ability to create unique machine woven carpets that we use in creating our handmade designs. Our Custom Axminster Carpets grace fine Hotels, and Country Clubs around the world.

Custom Hand Tufted and Custom Axminster

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