Sewelson's Carpets

Sewelson's Carpets was founded in 1926 by Rupert Sewelson.  We are one of the oldest names in field of fine rugs and carpets in Los Angeles.


We have been making custom made rugs and carpets since 1935.  Our artists create designs of unequaled beauty for each project, whether large or small.  We can make a carpet in any design, texture, pattern size, shape, and color to suit your particular requirements.  We pride ourselves on fair prices, and reliable deliveries.


 When you call for an appointment, you will be assisted in your selection by Bruce Smith.  Trained by Mr. Sewelson himself, Bruce has been with Sewelson's since 1977 and has developed thousands of custom rugs and carpets.  He has worked on Palaces in Abu Dhabi, hotels like The Waldorf-Astoria, Caesars Palace, The Fairmont San Francisco, and the Excelsior Rome.  He will offer his years of experience and product knowledge to help you achieve the results you desire.


We look forward to seeing you soon.

Sewelson's has an International reputation for supplying beautiful rugs and carpets to some of the world's most beautiful homes, and finest hotels.